The Buffy what?

About two years ago my life fell apart in a very ugly way and I’m not going to list what happened because it sucked. I’m more than what happened to me. My goal is to create a program that combines yoga and mindfulness skills, martial arts training, and adventure experiences in order to provide teenage girls in at-risk situations with concrete tools they can use to create their futures regardless of the circumstances in which they may find themselves.

As I put this together I’m practicing my ideas on myself keeping what works, throwing out what doesn’t, without any scale other than whether it brings positive results. I’m looking for tools that anyone can use regardless of religious background or standard of health. In honor of a certain imaginary blonde who life demanded to do more than she thought she could, I call this The Buffy Project.

This report from my own personal Slayer Bootcamp chronicles my adventures in discovering that I can survive, overcome, create a life filled with joy and love, and prove to myself that I can make a difference. Remember folks, it’s bootcamp: expect salty language, occasional misadventures, mistakes. I’m not a role model, I’m an explorer with no map.


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